Friday, January 7, 2011

Canning Workshop January 6 2011

I am back in the campo and fully recharged from my lengthy holiday vacation to California. The first event of the year was held this Thursday at the FRUTICOOP, INC. plant (and in the first week of the year, impressive since it is usually a no work 'flojo' week here). Peace Corps trainers came out to hold a canning workshop, using imported bottles located the capital (finally!) to can fruits and marmalades. This is a big step for us!

Here are photos of the 15 women and Peace Corps counterparts that participated in the workshop:

(Preparing pineapple for canning and for pineapple marmalade)

(Canning pineapple marmalade using Bano Maria)

(Sealing after Bano Maria, pineapple slices and marmalade)

(Leaving the office....)

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  1. Looks like great fun and lots of awesome work at your site. I'm a PCRV from Philippines and my best friend is going to visit Dom. Rep this summer. She and her family would like to experience more than the tourist visit to the country and I figured you may have more info and insight. Could you email me any ideas??? My email is I appreciate any hep! Keep up the great work :)